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Why do you need a digital strategy?

With marketing budgets generally increasing it could be easy to think that pouring more funds into the same old channels will yield the results your business needs. Due to the constantly shifting digital landscape however, it’s
worth investing in digital strategy, to evaluate new directions, channels and campaign ideas.

Ignoring the importance of digital strategy risks your marketing having no direction, wasting budget on underperforming channels or missing opportunities entirely.
The right strategy however can integrate online and offline marketing, bring coherence to your messaging and help you achieve business objectives.

“At ads!– We create a researched digital strategy that allows us to set a path and use insights to develop future marketing efforts in line with our clients’ goals. These Strategies essentially helps to replace gut feeling and guesswork with educated and informed decision making.”


What should be there in your digital strategy?


Consult with stakeholders, interaction with customers, conduct surveys.

Opportunity Analysis

Study the opportunity for each channel, outline potential activity and returns.

Data Review

Look at website analytics, Social Media Analytics, CRM data and even look into enquiries for a more rounded picture of customer interactions


Plan out activity over 3, 6, 12 months and beyond, include milestones so that activity can be measured.

Positioning & Target Audience

Create a clear positioning strategy in terms of brand, product or any service and set of defined target audience in terms of demography, interest and other parameters to define how USPs will be communicated in marketing.


Set your objectives early on and decide which metrics will determine success. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and set a plan to meet those. Analyze the process on meeting those indicators. Review and redo.

Strategy to Action

Having a mere strategy is not enough, There should be an Action plan that can achieve Digital Marketing Objectives at the end. Because no matter how much you create strategies if you don’t meet the required objectives like meeting KPI, ROI, Digital Strategy will not make sense.

Why should digital strategy be outsourced?

When compiling a digital strategy it can be easy to lose sight of the what’s important, to become overwhelmed or to simply run out of time and resources. Handing over your strategy to an external party may be daunting, but there are many advantages to outsourcing:

  1. Gain an independent view of your business and the direction it should take.
  2. Take the best options based on merit, not opinion or because of internal politics.
  3. Have fresh eyes reviewing current activity to gain new insight and direction.
  4. Use a team of strategists that have dedicated time allotted to works, rather than juggling strategy with other jobs.
  5. A perspective that spans multiple industries and sectors enabling the cross pollination of ideas.
  6. Get access to personnel with better developed skills and a broader view of the potential within the digital sphere.

Can you afford not to have a digital strategy?

Strategy is the best way for businesses to focus their marketing output, making it a great way to make your marketing budget do more.

At ads!, we believe in a data driven approach – where an objective based strategy can help you bring greater success to your online marketing endeavors.

Let us understand your opportunity…

If you are looking to review your digital activity, feel that your business is falling behind through a lack of focused effort or want your digital marketing to be more integrated then we can help!

At ads! We’re offering a limited number of Analytics Reviews to readers of this blog, it will give you:

  1. What content resonates the most with your audience
  2. Recommendations on how you can improve
  3. The perfect foundation from which to build a comprehensive digital strategy.

This analytic review gives the base to create a wider strategy so you can start using new channels and methods to engage with customers and increase sales or leads.

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