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First stop some really interesting facts about instagram. Less than a year since Instagram announced its last major milestone, the sharing app’s growth shows no sign of slowing down.The company announced Tuesday that it now has 400 million monthly active users, up from the 300 million in December of 2014. Instagram is even more popular than twitter.
Of course, Instagram still has quite a ways to go if it wants to catch up to Facebook, which now has well over a billion monthly active users. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom previously credited Facebook for helping the company achieve its rapid growth.
With growing user base of instagram in Nepal we have seen a very positive growth in engagement in instagram. Popularity of the Nepalese celebrities and well known faces on instagram is increasing almost daily in a overwhelming rate. These are some of the popular Nepalese Celebs on instagram.

1. Promise Tamang

Pratigya Tamang, presently known as Promise Tamang Phan. She born in beautiful country Nepal(Gorkha District).She is widely known as The Human Chameleon She grew up in Nepal with her grandfather. She is titled as “YOUTUBE MAKEUP GURU”. Promise Tamang’s first video on youtube was her dance . She got inspired from movie “Avatar” and she did first make-up as Navis and posted it normally on facebook. Now She has a whopping 797000 followers on instagram.


2. Priyanka Karki Priyanka is one of the leading Nepalese actress, former Miss Teen Nepal, VJ, singer, choreographer, a model, and a dancer. She is a talented actor who has won of the hearts of many with her acting ability and is critically acclaimed. She has 52500 followers on instagram and surging.

हरितालिका तीजको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना 🙂

A photo posted by Priyanka Karki (@priyanka.karki) on

3. MalVika Subba
Malvika is a Nepalese media personality, beauty pageant winner, actress, television host, social activist & entrepreneur.
She a multi talented personality with many followers. Instagram followers are just numbers for her. She influences many more. She has 38600 instagram followers.

Wearing PJz Collection 2nd floor Civil Mall. #ootd #nepal #malvikasubba

A photo posted by MalVika Subba (@themalvikasubba) on

4. Shristi Shrestha
Nepali actress, singer, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was Miss Nepal 2012.Shristi won the coveted title, beating 15 other contestants.She represented Nepal in Miss World 2012 which was held on August 18, 2012 in Inner Mongolia, China.
She has 36600 instagram followers.

thank you Tejhang Limbu dai

A photo posted by shristishrestha (@shristishrestha) on


5. Lhakila
Lhakila is pure talent. Her youtube videos and vine videos are too popular among her whopping 28000 instagram followers. Amongst the beauty pageants and actresses he has got a different image. In her videos she sings, Acts, Dances and lots of other fun mimicry. Her indian accent is the best.

I think I need your chappal right now.

A video posted by Lhakyila (@lhakyila) on


Some other popular instagram pages:
6. Namrata Shrestha ( 23400 followers )
7. Malina Joshi (19600 followers )
8. Subexya Bhadel ( 15700 followers )
9. Aastha Pokharel (13500 followers )
10.Yeshi Dolma Lama (13400 followers )

Amongst the Men these are the most popular Nepalese instagram profiles.

1. Lex Limbu
Boasting a monthly 44,000+ unique visitors, 57,000+ followers on Facebook and a growing following on Twitter and Instagram – lexlimbu.com is one of the most popular Nepali blogs right now. He has 10800 instagram followers. But it is just a number for him. He has a very huge fan base and a very good influence on his followers.

LA Sunshine! #LosAngeles #TheGrove #LA #Travel #lexlimbu

A photo posted by Lex Limbu (@lexlimbu) on


2. Aayush Rimal
A talented youteuber who has more than 8900 instagram fans and over 26000 facebook fans. His youtube videos are funny and totally Nepali. He as funny content in his videos and with his friends he creates some fantastic fun to watch youtube videos.
His recent Dubsmash videos were very popular and the vine videos are really entertaining. He is surging with numbers.

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT #nepalivines

A video posted by Aayush Rimal (@ayzrim) on


3. Ayushman DS Joshi
Son Of Raveena DS Joshi Ayushman is a popular face lately. With winning the title of Face of House of Fashion has taken him to a different level. He has a different kind of model look in him and the camera just loves him. He has a long way to go , so does his instagram followers. He has a whopping 8152 instagram followers and surging. His female fan following is growing like crazy.

Girl, you’re so Supernova ❤️ #goodmorning #badboysofinsta

A photo posted by Ayushman DS Joshi (@yatzeee) on

4. Anmol KC
Anmol KC the hostel guy son of Bhuwan KC has 6359 instagram followers. His female fan following is off the charts.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing

A photo posted by Anmol Kc (@anmolkc_official) on

5. Sarun Tamrakar
From the Band Uglz he has created a name for himself as an outstanding musician and certainly loved by many. He has 4474 instagram followers and still surging. But Instagram followers are just numbers for him he has more fans than many of the popular faces of Nepal.


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