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Today is 5th anniversary of ads!
It has been 5 years and it feels like we just started ads! It’s been an amazing journey so far, and We are so grateful to be a part of it. We started our journey as ads! 5 Years ago as one of the first Digital Marketing Agencies in Nepal. We have had lots of challenges. We had way fewer resources. At times when people just started to learn about social media it only seemed impossible for getting companies to advertise and push their contents on these platforms. When paper media and hording boards were so strong that it didn’t seem like we even would get a chance.
We soon saw some new digital marketing companies competing in the market but sooner or later they disappeared but we embraced the challenges that came to us and always putting the interest of clients ahead of ours interests.

But it was the belief in team effort and belief of our team in the vision of our company and the trust of our dear clients that has made us come this far. The level that we have reached today is all because of our valued clients and entire ads! Family.

At ads! We are nothing but grateful today towards everyone who helped us in anyway at all.
We are humbled by what we have achieved during this period and we look forward to years of continuing to grow a robust, efficient and reliable organization.
Thank you to all our valued clients and dear associates: WAVE magazine, ECS Media, Our Internet Partner Classic Tech, Our SMS Partner Miracle Infocom and all our well wishers. We wouldn’t have made it so far without your support.
Since 2010, we have received confidence of more than 200 clients. Our experiences from the past five years has taught us that we need to be each other’s keeper and work hard and work smart as a team and with dedication in achieving individual and collective goals.
Our team constantly works to meet the collective goals day in and day out.
We will continue to pursue our services with increasing dedication and discipline to provide the best of services to our clients.
In the last 5 years ads! Has emerged as a learning organization and as a result we have acquired wealth of knowledge, experience and intellectual properties. We now can proudly say that we are one of the few companies in Nepal that has created a market for Digital Marketing In Nepal. We are constantly learning and constantly trying to improve Digital Marketing practices in Nepal. Today more people are aware of the social ads, social contents and campaigns and know that it is indeed an effective medium. So far we have succeeded to some level and we feel that there is still long way to go.
In the years to come we are planning to get more business to the digital platforms and provide updates about the latest digital marketing trends and keep updated. Our website has been working out well to do that and we hope to continue that in the future as well. Perhaps, in much effective way.

Please keep supporting us. Your support and trust serves as capital for our future journey

Thank you!