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With 1.7 billion people on Facebook, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of your target audience, clients and customers are active on the world’s largest social-media platform. The social networking giant Facebook has around 4 million users in Nepal, thanks to the smartphones and internet penetration. It should also come as no surprise that Facebook ads! platform is the most advanced and powerful method of advertising.While just about every social-networking platform now has its own fully integrated advertising system, Facebook still reigns supreme in terms of features, insights and audience. As a business, that means Facebook is the ideal place to start.

People all over the world visit Facebook to connect with friends, family and things that interest them –including businesses. Every day, Facebook connects businesses with the people that matter to them, helping them to drive real results.

But unfortunately, just because Facebook is a great platform for advertising doesn’t mean all brands use it effectively. Many end up wasting money and throwing resources down the drain, because they have no strategy or don’t understand how to use it. Hopefully that’s not you. All it takes to succeed is a little knowledge of how Facebook advertising works and what some of the best practices are. At ads! We deliver end-to-end digital marketing solutions based on the goals that matter to you most.

Here are five tips for creating an effective Facebook ad campaign:

1. Use striking imagery

Use a (relevant if possible) image that will catch people’s eyes and have them read your ad. Facebook tells you that you can’t use images that contain more than 20 percent words, so it’s clear that images are designed to grab attention, not display a message. Take advantage of this valuable real estate within your ad.At ads! we understand your business objectives and user base to find the most appropriate solution for your brand. Designing at ads! helps in finding the right combination of images, colors, and text to catch the attention of your audience for your campaign. Introducing brochures, billboards and magazine advertisements into your marketing plan will step you up to the next level and increase visibility for your brand. Visual content is considered to be more influential than textual content.

2. Mine audience insights


Facebook’s Audience Insights is one of the best tools you have at your disposal. It works by mining available Facebook data and showing you exactly who your target market is, based on people who already like your page. At ads!we learn about specific audiences before risking your budget or targeting them. At ads! we believe that the more targeted your campaigns the more effective the advertising message will be and the better the return on investment.

3. Establish a Killer strategy


Finally, it’s critically important that you set a mind boggling  strategy for your campaign . Otherwise you’ll end up spending way more than you intended. Developing strategic vision for online projects can be a challenge when the complexities of your business, offering and audience are considered. At ads!, we ensure that opportunity is clearly defined from the outset with thorough research and analysis . ads! delivers an overriding vision and marketing plan, that you can understand precisely and leads your business provide a rich user experience and develop ads that generates positive ROI.

4. Always be testing

Run hundreds of ads for various clients, and test new interests to target. It can be very taxing to always be swapping things out and watching the data, but your long-term success with Facebook ads depends on it. We think about your consumer, their interests, browsing habits, devices and even the time of day they access the internet. We have a clear idea of what success looks like and will go a long way to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and assist with optimized decisions.

5. Putting it all together


Creating a killer Facebook ad campaign is all about understanding the platform and utilizing the features you have at your disposal. While you certainly need to think about the ad itself, you have to start with the platform you’re using. Once you determine who you’re targeting and how much you’re willing to spend, you can then focus on the finer details.

With extensive experience taking projects from inception through to planning, creation and marketing, ads! is the ideal choice to guide you through your project. At ads! we provide this approach that brings your brand in a cohesive strategy that accelerates the growth of your business through facebook ad campaign.

Using these five tips, you should be able to get started and experience some initial success. At ads!we understand that Facebook is constantly changing its advertising platform, so we make sure to stay on top of any new developments and apply them accordingly.

Marketing on Facebook is a powerful and efficient way to increase sales for your online business. At ads! we make it easy to reach the people who matter to your business and track the results of your advertising across devices. You can create targeted adverts for different audiences, set your budget and measure the results across devices. Not only that at ads!, we help you Build, Connect, Engage and influence your clients with high visibility sponsored advertisements and suggest and design high frequency driving advertisements for your business. At ads! We deliver end-to-end digital marketing solutions based on the goals that matter to you most.