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Twitter has over a 140 million active users making its potential as a marketing channel now undeniable. But understanding where your audience are and how to engage with them so that they follow you can be challenging. Similarly, knowing how engagement leads to achieving commercial objectives can be equally mysterious.


Twitter has the potential to get more eye-balls on your content, promote your products/services and increase your influence on the social web.You will also get the opportunity to connect with other users and form deep connections that will be beneficial to you in a huge way.You can use it to develop an engaged community that trusts you and listens to what you have to say. Twitter is continuing to grow at the rate of 135,000 users each day.  


At ads!, we help win customers, by looking deeper than the surface chatter. Here is what ads! Believes on building targeted Twitter followers.


1. Know Who Your Target Audience Are

First and foremost you need to know what exactly you’re trying to achieve on Twitter by outlining your goals and objectives within an agreed social media strategy. Are you looking for followers from a specific geographical location, or existing customers of your products or services?At ads! We believe business on Twitter is built on relationships.With ads! use Twitter Ads! to connect with your target audience and achieve your business goals. When people follow you on Twitter, they want to hear more from you and are likely to become loyal customers.


2. Ensure Your Profile is Relevant to Your Target Audience

Make use of your 160 character biography, profile picture and background image are all key elements. Your biography is hugely important as Twitter will use this content to determine where it suggests your account to others, prompting them to follow you. Subsequently, relevancy is of prime concern. Research also shows that users who have profile pictures have 10 times more followers on average than those with the default Twitter egg, presumably as the default image is typically associated with spam accounts. Whatever your business goals are, at ads! we’ll guide you through designing ad campaigns to reach them.

3. Follow People You’d Like Following You

This is the best way to ensure you are in the front of your potential followers’ minds. Once following, engage in conversation with your potential followers; comment on the content they’re sharing, answer the questions they’re asking, share your own views and opinions with the thoughts and musings they tweet. At ads! We interact with people productively that they find the conversation interesting and useful which will naturally prompt them to follow you.


4. Vary the type of content you share

Variety is important on Twitter. Just sharing an endless stream of links won’t help anyone. Try shaking things up by sharing other types of updates like quotes and engaging questions. According to a study by Dan Zarrella, images are 94% more likely to be retweeted. To keep your social media content flowing, at ads! we offer top tools that can help you organize your efforts, increase your productivity, and demonstrate measurable results.Most marketers struggle to get engagement on social media. Publishing more posts is NOT the solution. At ads!,we publish the RIGHT KIND of posts!

5. Schedule your tweets to be published when your followers are online

Optimizing the times which you share content is the key to getting more traction and increasing your reach.Once you know when your followers are most active, you can start scheduling your tweets.Growing a Twitter following takes time, and effort. Twitter Ads are designed to help you connect with audience, and to get results that drive action and add value to your business. At ads! we promote your brand to gain more followers, increase reach and provide solution to help you achieve your business goals.