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Pokémon Go! is taking over the world… Released on july 6th it’s not even been few weeks it has already taken the world by storm and everyone is playing it. AMAZING! Right? Like everyone is playing Pokémon! If you think about its just crazy! Right when you think you have seen everything something like this happens and you realize how what next!


So how big is Pokémon Go?
Pokémon Go! Is a partnership company between Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Niantic Labs. This Game has now rolled out all over the world! However it was first released in USA then Australia, New Zealand then UK and then rest of the world. Within 24 hours of its release, it reached number 1 in the play store! Setting a record of getting to the top; fastest ever! Its active user base is as big as twitter (10 years old company). Nintendo’s market price rose by 75% in a week! Thats huge!
In one week time it had 15 Million downloads! And earned 1.6 Million on micro transaction on ios alone. Time spent on Pokémon Go! Is more than on facebook, whatsapp , or any other high user base apps.


Pokemon go


If you’re a local business owner in Nepal and haven’t yet checked out this game, I’d highly recommend downloading it for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store – there’s a good chance you could be one of these Gyms or PokéStops! If that’s the case, prepare for foot traffic and potential customers!


Fortunately, Pokémon GO has a purchasable in-game item called a “Lure Module” which attracts Pokémon to a particular PokeStop for 30 minutes. Use it to get more foot traffic, and then use your creativity to turn them into a paying customer.

If you wish to purchase those then just let us know, may be we can help! Also, Advertising it on their Facebook page beforehand would be a smart strategy, and there’s nothing more enticing to players than knowing ahead of time when and where they can catch a bunch of Pokémon! And obviously Ads! Can be of service for you there.

There is a huge revenue opportunity for Pokémon to sell out Pokegym and PokeSpots. Unfortunately, these locations are predetermined by the developer, Niantic Labs. That being said, they have to recognize that there’s a fantastic marketing and revenue opportunity here. You can submit a request to have your location considered as a Pokemon GO Gym or Pokéestop via this Niantic support page.


To sum it all up are the ways that can help local business in Nepal to capitalize on the growing Pokémon go players;
1. Host a Lure Party:
Pre notifying audience on facebook or any other media would be a good idea before that lure purchase. Since its active for 30 minutes only. Let us know if you wish to host a lure party! May be we can help with the promotions and strategy!
2. Pokémon go social media deals:
Launching a campaign to take screen shots around your business area and upload on social medias by tagging your business can also be a good idea for promotion. Giving away few Rs discount for people who show screen shots can be good conversion for business. OR it can also be some who plays pokemon go! To offer some discounts at your establishment or a winner of gym battle at nearest Pokemon gyms. You can also create your own team to play pokemon wearing brand T Shirts and caps!

At ads! We are already planning on launching some pokemon based campaigns for our clients. If you would like us to generate campaign ideas for your business then let us know. A Chat with us costs nothing! Call us at 01. 4218069 or message us on facebook or you can also visit our Office at Kamaladi, well, You just might find some pokemons here too!