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We are extremely proud to announce that Ads Market is one of the Brand Champions – Digital Marketing Partner for Idea Studio Season 2. We are looking to add the digital marketing dimension to the brand new season of idea studio. As brand champions we will be rigorously promoting Idea studio season 2, Creating contents and We will also be involved in the incubation process of the ideas and hopefully investment! The Idea Studio which is now in its second season has helped to foster social entrepreneurs and ignite social change in Nepal further providing resources, mentoring and investment.

So this is how it works:

Ideas are encouraged from all over the country. There is an initial short-listing process after which innovators with the most feasible ideas (the 30 best ideas) are selected for mentorship at the Incubation Center at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM).
Business leaders as well as KUSOM professors and students work with the selected innovators to assess their needs and support them through assistance with Academic and other resources, developing proposals, and finding investment.

The Ideators are supported by Idea Studio even after they are matched with seed funding with a monitoring and evaluation system that continues to evaluate and measure their financial and social impact.

Innovators present their ideas on National Television for an opportunity to partner with business leaders. Ideas that are chosen for investment by business leaders and financial institutions via the television show will then be further developed and implemented.
Idea Studio welcomes and supports raw ideas, startups, or ideas that require expansion or huge investment and has no barriers regarding age, literacy level, and income.

This Season Idea Studio focuses on Ignite . Incubate and Invest

Ignite: In the context of Nepal where most of the population feels that there is no opportunity for gainful employment, Idea Studio acts as a perfect platform. It raises awareness among people regarding the potential business environment, changes people’s mindset regarding entrepreneurship, and provides an opportunity to turn their idea into reality. Idea Studio also allows its chosen Ideators to pitch their ideas on national television.

• Incubate: Idea Studio, with the help of business gurus and respected members of Nepal’s academia, will provide mentoring and consulting services to the Ideators based on their needs so that they can become successful entrepreneurs.

• Invest: Idea Studio helps to create networks between the Ideators and the investors. After a series of mentoring services, if business gurus like the Ideator’s plan they provide required resources, invest in the plan and support the Ideators in starting their own ventures.

Yes well thats a question that most people would ask if they haven’t watched the previous season. Well, mostly because
1. You would want to see what kind of ideas are viable business ideas if you are want to be an entrepreneur in Near future or if you are an entrepreneur.
2. If you want to invest in any of the business ideas then you can do that.
3. And we really need to promote entrepreneurship in Nepal so we have to watch and support the program. So DO FOLLOW ALL THE SOCIALS OF IDEA STUDIO and share/Watch and support all the contents and videos and do watch all the episodes when they are out.

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