WWDC is Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference where developers can attend sessions and meet with Apple engineers. The 2017 WWDC started from 5 June and will continue till June 9 in San Jose, CA. Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage and declared that he would make six big announcements. The major announcements were as follows:

1) watchOS 4

The newest version of the operating system for the apple watch was unveiled. It includes a couple of new faces and the Siri cards is placed front and center. It has features to analyse how your workout is going, the music you’re playing and things like when to leave for work. It also has a new workout UI, support for two-way data exchange with workout machines and more.



2) macOS High Sierra

This OS is the successor to Sierra which was announced last year. The improvements to this OS includes better security in Safari that helps protect your privacy, new photo search features, a new Apple File System that means more secure storage and a completely new feature that Apple hasn’t even offered before, it will be able to support virtual reality headsets. It will be available in the coming months.



3) New iMacs and MacBook Air / MacBook Pro refreshes

With new Intel processors, the seventh-generation Intel processors boosts the speed of the chip in the MacBook Air. The biggest announcement though, was the iMac Pro which starts at $4,999 with new processors, a 5K display and a sharp design.



4) iOS 11

It will launch in September. The new iOS makes improvement to Siri, which is suppose to make synchronization of your various iOS devices easier. Messages will also be kept in clouds helping save valuable hard drive storage space.

Another major change is the peer-to-peer payments that is in the bracket of Paypal, Square Cash, Venmo. This allows iOS users to easily send money to one another. Apple also unveiled ARKit which allows developers to easily create augmented reality apps for iOS devices.



5) iPad Pro 10.5

This featured a brighter display with a faster refresh rate which improves the movie watching or playing games experience. A new A10X processor should improve gaming and app performance.



6) Apple HomePod speaker

This was the only brand new product announced on Monday. The smart-speaker is Siri-powered and allows you to play music, control smart lights, query sports scores, check the traffic and more. This is coupled with advanced speakers that will fill your room with music.



One of the most exciting products being launched has to be the ARKit. It is a set of tools for developers to create augmented reality apps. The ARKit’s advanced augmented reality ability on iOS devices and “fast and stable motion tracking” is supposed to put virtual objects on actual objects rather than just have them hover in the screen. The experience of games like Pokemon GO which uses augmented reality will be much better through this tool. From the success of Pokemon GO and Snapchat, one can conclude that augmented reality is perhaps the future of technology. Virtual reality is a direct competition to AR but with a need to put on a device all the time and distance yourself from reality might limit its use. Augmented reality however will be a mix of virtual and real and most likely will be the choice of many.

“I regard it as a big idea like the smartphone, I think AR is that big, it’s huge.” said Tim Cook in a recent interview. The potential obviously is there for augmented reality to be huge. It can be used to create holograms when talking to people, a small science fiction fantasy becoming real. Check whether the clothes available online actually fits you, design your room before deciding on furniture. Car manufacturers can check how their car model will look in reality, doctors can examine every part of the body in every angle possible. Google has already launched a similar platform named Tango and looks like the augmented reality world is going to be big.

The products that are being launched by apple are going to create a large buzz as it always does. This is a perfect example of why the apple brand has sustained itself without any major external alliance. Now, as we move towards the future where technology is evolving everyday, the ever evolving Apple machine it seems will roll on and continue expanding its brand even more.