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Music, an art, a story and the most influential part of my,your and our life. Music has the power that connects people. In bonus it can also reduce stress level if you have any. “One can think that we can ignore music in our life and get really focused in our career.”  Most of the people think that music distract you from doing your work. However I believe listening to music can bring positive vibes in you and your surroundings.

It elevates your creativity and productivity. In a research conducted by Dr. Lesiuk, it was found that those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas, because it improved their mood. But Music cannot be helpful for certain types of jobs like data crunching, where you have to deal with numbers and figures. But, Music can really improve your mood while it also fosters your creativity level. Listening to music that you are familiar with can help you with your concentration at work. You can accomplish your task more effectively while listening to music as it keep your mind fresh, which eventually help you to come up with better ideas.

Music is regarded as one of the mastery of human creativity. There are many genres in music and each of them affect our life in different way, listen to that kind of music that affect you in a positive way and can help you learn and get you going upward in your life. So make a beat with the best music and do your job carefully.

P.S If your organization allows you to listen music in your workplace, Use your freedom in a right way and make the most with it.