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There are no definite steps to build a website. But there are certainly some points to avoid while building a website.

  1. Too Much Clutter on the Homepage
    This is the front face of your website. The page that comes up when people hit your domain name(www.example.com). As they say, the first impression is the last impression you certainly want to capture your visitor’s attention and make sure they keep on browsing the page. But most of the time people tend to clutter homepage with lots of texts, images, and links, which certainly decreases user experience. We can still provide tons of information just by organizing those texts and images.
  2. Out of date content
    Don’t give the impression that you forgot about the website after setting it up. Well, updated website site can give an impression that you are active and open for business. For example, if you have any information about an event that was concluded ages ago, people tend to interact less with the website.Updating your pages content also affects your Google Search Ranks. The More recent your content, it is more likely that it gets shown on the search result. At least what you can do is change the images and add up some recent activities of your business or yourself if it’s a personal website to give an impression that you are active.
  3. Going Live Without Testing
    Pushing content to live website without testing and checking is the silliest mistake that you can do while building a website. Always check for spelling mistakes, broken links and images before you put the content out on the internet. Always try the take a second opinion, sometimes we tend to overlook our own mistakes. So, bringing someone else for a check can help catch some silly mistakes.
  4. Weak SEO
    We tend to focus on how our website looks in front of the human eyes that we forget that there are lots of bots crawling our websites. The design of the website is a visual aspect but the search engines like Google, Bing reads our website very differently. If you want your webpage to be shown up in the search results then you have to make sure you are feeding the information to the search engines accordingly. To the least, you can make sure that the title and description of the webpage are set correctly. If you want more than that you have to lay out your SEO strategy or hire SEO expert.
  5. Lack of Balance between Design and Message
    Of course, you want your visitors to have an impression that they are looking at the best website design in the world but the design is not everything. The website is of no use if it is just appealing to eyes but doesn’t convey the intended message such as your business objective, plan of action for visitors and the quality content that you’ve been busy creating. Many websites that are top notch design tend to fade out when we actually start to read the content, that just doesn’t make sense. So it is very important to find a right balance between design and message.

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