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Try on a cute dress…….on Facebook?

With people getting busier in their life, and lazier, the world seems to depend more on social media sites and Internet for anything and everything. Call it acute progression; things are getting easier and at a click of your hand!

To add up in this experience of trouble-free life, Facebook ads will start implementing augmented reality ads into its News feeds soon. For now, the whole idea is in a testing phase in the USA only.

The new feature will allow its users to try on the advertised product virtually on them and shop them. This process is similar to that of Snapchat filter. (This augmented reality face filter app was bought by Facebook earlier in 2016, and has been adding more of filters in its camera settings since after.) Applicable for all e-commerce goods, Facebook, for now, has given example of the AR ad of a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses where users can choose the frame or colors according to what that matches their face shape or their style. This feature will be functional for digital versions of fashion accessories to cosmetics to even furniture, and more. For the testing phase, however, we can only find big names like Sephora, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn.

In addition to that, Facebook also has allowed brands to place stickers on an Instagram story, recently, to provide link and let the users purchase the advertised product, globally.

Such collaboration can not only ease the life of users, but also increase the market for business houses.

As for Nepal, Ads Market will be the first of its type to provide such feature for businesses.