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Social media is the global asset in making this entire world a small global village. You can connect yourself with the company you working for, your circle of friends and your customers around in an instant no matter where or how you are. This channel of connection is the strongest of all means to help market your product and services, to set the trend with the time and demand. This is also why your customers are the great influencers for the first kind of impression to your company.

Every DO’s and DON’T accounts to the impression you set in this universe of social media. No matter what, YOU DON’T want your company to set negative trends. A response to your client or customers is an art of playing with the words; your words define the trend you are setting.

Customer:Your group of business is fraud and irresponsible. I bought your Car last week,with handsome bucks thinking I would get the best services and accessories upon needed. I have been trying to reach your group since few days as if the engine started to overheat already; I barely got your response. This is freaking me out. Never visit to #……They are a fraud!

Company:Dear sir/madam, we apologize for the late response due to some technical errors. Our customers are the special group of people and we address them as our own family group, services and custom cares are more than needed for lifelong we care for. Overheating of engine after such sort distance can be caused by problems associated with the carburetor. You need to check your oil and water level in your engine before you start your journey, ever to be done thing to keep in mind for your kind information. You must also make sure your car is serviced regularly to avoid problems in future. Hope this helps.Is there anything else I can help you with?

Customer:This is unbelievable, your care advice and services are like those from the parents. Most welcome, much appreciated.

Responding negative comments is just like handling negative turnovers with positive attitudes, playing beautifully with the positive words, positive vibes. With this your product or services might be become one of the most trustworthy and reliable one. Despite having the best customer service and the best clients, you are still bound to get complaints.In fact that is actually a good thing. Customer complaints are Retention gold. To achieve long- term success in your field, your business needs to prioritize customer retention. As Elbert Hubbard says, “Positive anything is better than negative nothing”, so don’t shy away from it. No matter how bad complaints you get on your media, make sure to reply it in the positive way. If you happen to write or say something silly that people call you out on, don’t shy away from it; just embrace the goofballs?

– Always remain polite and courteous.

– Sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.

– Explain the measures applied to solve the problems and prevent it from happening again.

– Offer partial or full refund without incentives.

As a business owner, build meaningful relationships across all social media platforms. However, it is sometimes difficult to know how to respond to these comments, and when to just let them go, respond negative complaints in a way that reflects favorably on you and your business. Plan campaigns significantly from one unified view in a way that connects your market, services and sales teams directly to your customers in real time. Adding up, here are few more tips for interacting with customers who might not have the nicest thing to say about your brand.

1. Be innovative:

Discover the ability to apply creative solutions to problems or discover new way of looking at problems. Negative complaints are itself an art to successfully navigating the treacherous path of social media commentary. In any business, negative comment of your product and services is to be taken as your review or feedbacks for improvements. As a whole, critiques are to be welcomed in positive manner. Be able to assess and address customer complaints into a learning attitude, correcting the mistakes before any disaster could happen. Ignite your innovative skill and turn your complaints into an opportunity and focus on being logical. Covering up out of league- problems and finding new way of tackling them is an innovative way to hold up your existing customers and influence the new ones. For an instant, if your customer is really out of mind with your service or products, specifically go with the response to address the burning issue. Side wise, use supportive questioning with a good vibes to dwell upon the mood swing such as “Is there anything else wrong?”. “How else can I help you today?” These things support that you are ready and willing to address anything else the customer needs.

2. Respond appropriately; an appropriate response prevents the situation from being devoured: 

There is a good saying “short and sweet”, which is an appropriate thing. An appropriate response is the most powerful weapon to settle your customers’ complaints if the trend is alarming negative. Here with any of the negative complaints from your customer or clients, just make sure not to take any of them personally and it’s precise to let your response not get emotional and consider little things in return. Give a proper attention to the major problem mentioned, focus on what is being said and then come up with response in very professional, specific way; which is an appropriate response. Start learning how to handle inappropriate subject matter, such as saying, “Thanks for bringing up the subject matter but this can’t be discussed in public”.An appropriate respond is your professional comeback to the negative complaints made without being negative on your own.

3. Be brief and SMART:

In the world of professionalism, being smart in the way of dealing with any sort of mind and coming to the conclusion in a short time of enrollment is the precious art. Being too cheesy with your clients/customers and trying to serve every little concern on the social media isn’t going to help boom your company or satisfy your customers. This is what in a world of words to the eternity; adjust you in a brief, reasonable and logical chamber. Define your world of S.M.A.R.T.

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Relevant/ Realistic

T: Time- bound

4. Consider comments as retention gold.

Your customer comments and complaints are the basic guidelines to point out your faults in an indirect way. Grab this opportunity to correct yourself and guide your brand to the direction of advancement and improvements. These complaints are the important parameters to grow your brand to another level of improvements. These are the retention gold. For a long- term vision of successful growth prioritize customer retention. Old customers are worth up to 10 times the value of initial purchase, six times easier to deal and sell to existing customer versus new customer and seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer versus retaining an existing one.

5. Hire Someone to Do Your Responding

If you are running a business or company in a large scale, it’s obvious to have lots of queries and concerns between you and your customers. The FAQs and the trends are to be answered in detail and updated with time. A professional person should be hired then to review your brand page, reply the comments and FAQs and update till date. Stay on top of interacting with the public and set a clear sense of response to the comments in professional way with a social media manager, it’s who speaks up from your page; your brand / company/ product or service.

But sometimes, no matter what you do, it’s never going to work. So you just need to remember that not every customer can be made happy with your words. Be optimistic and stay positive; the next pleasant conversation is just around the corner. Moreover, customer complaints are not always a sign that something is wrong. Think differently!

At ads! We pay attention to customers who are displeased with the products or services of our clients. We follow our specific protocol to handle issues to the depth and connect problems to the solutions. We serve your business goal in prior to minimum words with maximum solutions.