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WWDC is a conference held annually by Apple Inc. in San Jose California. This is where all of the Apple products are showcased. From hardware to software, this is the place to be if you want to be updated on everything related to apple.  This year, the conference is being held from June 3rd – June 7th. The event keynote had a huge number of announcements. If you’re worried about being updated on Apple’s announcements then here is a list of major announcements made on the conference’s keynote.


1) IOS Updated Apps

Dark mode for IOS is now official. Along with this, there were updates for various apps as well. There will be swipe-able texting in Messages. Maps will be getting a much substantial upgrade where a more detailed map will be shown and a shortcut on the launch page that will show your favourite spots and the places you saved. You’ll also get a street view photo that can be enlarged and viewed in 360 degrees. You can tap again to travel down the road as well.

The Photos app has a new sorting mode that can divide your picture into days, months and years. You can easily browse your images sorted by timeline. Each section is separated by a highlight reel or top photos/videos. Music app brings a lyric mode that shows the words live alongside the music.

The final consumer version is scheduled to arrive in the fall.


2) IPad Gets Its Own OS

Apple will be having its own iPad-specific system from now on. Split screen can be achieved easily by dragging apps side by side. You can split screen using the same app as well, such as viewing two notes at once. File view will look more similar to what it does on macOS, with ways to browse through column view and share folders on iCloud. iPads will also now support USB thumb drives or camera imports from USB cables directly between the two devices. There are some new text editing gestures, too, such as a three-finger pinch to copy, cut and three fingers spread to paste. Also, a three finger swipe left or right to undo and redo.


3) MacOS Catalina

Itunes will be exiting in this version of the Catalina. Apple is breaking up the app into three separate apps for Music, Podcasts and TV. The Mac will also support the iPad as a second display, offering a workaround for those who wanted a touchscreen on their MacBooks. Apple calls this feature Sidecar. Apple also announced a new app Find My App. This app will let you search for your device even when its offline by using Bluetooth beacon that will bounce off other Apple devices near the misplaced device.


4) New Mac Pro

Apple’s new Mac Pro supports Intel Xeon processor with up to 1.5TB of memory. There are six slots for memory expansion and eight PCI slots, three Thunderbolt ports, two USB-G and two USB-A ports. A new processing card supports up to three streams of 8K or 12 streams of 4K.

The monitor is a 32-inch LCD screen with a Retina 6K display and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Apple calls this display “Extreme Dynamic Range” or XDR and it can connect six displays up to 120 million pixels of the display.


5) TV OS

A redesigned homepage that will show previews of TV shows and movies was announced. Apple TV will support more third-party game accessories like the Xbox One and PS4 controllers. The new TV OS offers multi-user support as well to show personalized recommendations on shows and music based on the content you consume. Family members will get their own set of suggestions based on what they have watched.


6) WatchOS gets its own App Store

The new watchOS 6 update will bring its own dedicated App Store. A few new Apple-specific apps are coming to the device, including a calculator app and a voice memo app for recordings. There are Health and Fitness updates as well, such as long-term activity trends of how your fitness levels have changed over the past months and year.

Apple is also adding menstrual cycle tracking to the Watch for female health to get notified on upcoming periods and when the fertile windows are. There is also a system for you to get notified when the noise levels for a room is exceeding the safe decibels and could potentially damage your hearing.

Apple has once again caught the imagination of everyone just by their keynotes announcement. With this constant wave of updates and innovation that Apple is providing to its consumers, Apple continues to be a benchmark for every tech companies out there.