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With the rise of digital technologies and platforms, B2B lead generation strategies have evolved over the years. The evolution has caused a drastic impact and customers are also involved in the sales processes from an early stage. Due to this, you can find lots of companies are adopting digital marketing strategies to generate conversions. Using digital channels like email, social media marketing, content marketing, etc actually helps to reach prospects. Digital marketing also helps to establish and build a strong brand presence online. Digital advertising for B2B marketing can execute lead generation strategies perfectly which can boost conversions easily. The strategies for deals and sales are also trackable which accounts for the credibility of the procedures.

The digital channels employed should be able to grab their attention, provide value and any service provided should be a problem solver. Quality leads then can be generated and this ensures the maintenance of your organization’s growth. Generally, the combination of inbound and outbound strategies of digital marketing is the best way. Inbound methods include content marketing and social media marketing which are usually used to build credibility. Email marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Ads are outbound methods which are employed for connecting with leads.

Content Marketing:

It is a spectacular option for those companies who always have interesting content to share in the form of multimedia, articles, etc. The best stratagem to making it work is using language that helps to connect to your viewers. Also, making sure that the content is something they can enjoy, listen to or be of value for them. With a bit of research, a target group can be defined so you can start with providing them with high-quality copies. In turn, it will actually help the SEO for websites as it increases page views which can convert into leads. This can help the discovery of your websites as content marketing helps the ranking of your websites in Search Engines. It basically helps you gain customers and leads faster and essentially for free with a strong content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing:

With a more targeted approach, you can refine lead generation processes in social media platforms. These platforms are a general way to engage with potential customers as there isn’t someone who doesn’t have a social media account nowadays. With social media marketing, you can set up targeting parameters like location, age, gender, interests and among other factors. Facebook and Instagram are the common platforms used in Nepal for reaching leads that go beyond their audience. The ultimate stratagem for generating great leads through social media ads is by creating a call to action message on them. For e.g. sponsored lead ads should include content that is usually what customers are searching for.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is also a great performance tool for B2B lead generation tactics as it helps to communicate with your customers. It is a cost-effective method to promote your products as you can expect a good return for every amount spent. You should always personalize the message you are trying to drive across in those emails to be sent. Reaching the right audience for your email marketing strategies is also important and this can be established through segmenting your customer base. Always knowing which group of customers to send the email to for good conversions make it more cost effective. Emails sent should also be mobile friendly as more than 20% of emails are opened on email devices which are always in the reach of all customers. Also, automate email campaigns like “welcome”, “thank you” and “transactional” emails as their open rates are higher than traditional emails. Email marketing is a great way to deliver the results that your businesses are hoping for and you can keep change strategies to keep up with trends to attract customers.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC Ads)

PPC Ads can be the easiest way to get leads quickly if you know who your target audience and there are various ways to display them. Google Adwords is the most commonly used platform as it allows you to post adverts across Google’s network. These adverts can be made to appear on top of search results when users “Google” or search for something. For e.g; when someone search “buy fans in Nepal”, the intent to buy is always there hence conversions are also likely to happen. Within the Google network, a lot of sites also have automated display of these PPC ads through monetization and are usually visually available in various sizes. Also with PPC ads, it is a great way to remarket yourself so that it serves as a reminder to people your brand or product exists.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a form of PPC marketing that is by far the most popular network used by people worldwide. However, advertising on Google is not that easy as it is on paper as the search engine will be the one to decide who gets ahead. Google determines this by assessing the advertiser’s “Quality Score” by a few factors and the amount of money for advertising is usually the last. The factors are listed below:

1) The relevance of Keywords: Advertisers should first research on keywords to target and then whether it is applicable to targeted customers.

2) Click Through Rate (CTR) of links: The CTR is determined by comparing the ratio between how many people clicked on it and how many didn’t interact with it upon viewing the ad.

3) The overall quality of “Landing Page”: Google ads usually include a link which leads to a Landing Page which is commonly the advertiser’s website.

It is true that you will need to experiment with different digital marketing strategies before getting the results you desire. With Ads Market, we have already acquired a set of skills that will help us predetermine which digital marketing methods employed are optimum for B2B lead generation. You can book a consultation with us or email us your inquiries to info@adsmarket.com.np.