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To understand why a local search matters so much for your business, you need to understand what exactly a local search is. You want to eat something and can’t decide where to eat. Then, you take out your smartphone and look for places to eat near you. This is a prime example of a local search where consumers are engaged from a specific geographic area.

A recent study from Google provided insights on why local search is important for your business. Approximately 50% of mobile users are likely to visit a store after conducting a search on their mobile. Key information that people are looking for are as follows:

– 54% look for business hours.

– 53% look for directions.

– 50% look for store address.

– 45% look for the availability of products.

Online presence is a necessity in the modern world. You will attract more customers if people find your business online. With local searches, people aren’t just getting information but acting on it. By optimizing your website for local searches, you are not only making it easy for people to find you but increasing the chances for your business to be successful. Now, you’re wondering how to get your business appearing on local searches.

The following are a few key steps to increase the likelihood of people finding your business online.

1) Google My Business

The first step will be to create a business profile on Google My Business. You will be able to add working hours, holidays, phone numbers and website among other things for your business. Whenever your business is searched in Google or viewed in Google Maps, the entered information will also be displayed.

2) Website Quality

A good website is how you get on Google’s good side. A quick loading website with a proper structure and responsiveness is how you slowly rise through the endless amount of website displayed in Google search results.

3) SEO

A good website may get you on Google’s good side but to be Google’s favorite, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must. A good website for local search does everything that a website with SEO does but adds geography to it.

4) NAP

In this instance, NAP refers to Name, Address, and Phone Number and not the short sleep you take during the day. Sleep will not get in the way of increasing customers if you have a good local search system for your business. However, you need to provide a NAP on your contact page so that Google can find a link between your website and the business profile you set up in Google.


Add Google Maps on your contact page so that people won’t have to leave your website to search for directions elsewhere.

The world has already shifted from the Industrial Age to the Digital age in the 21st century. Businesses are given a platform where they are able to attract customers worldwide just by their online presence. Local businesses may not need worldwide exposure as much but it is necessary their online presence is needed even for the local consumers. Make your local presence noticeable and reap the rewards that the Digital Age is providing you.

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