Content marketing is what brings people the theoretical knowledge of the product. Content in the marketing advertisement might seem boring but it brings out your inner talent and your approach of understanding the product. Whenever any advertisement is published it might be the pictures and the graphics that catch the eyes of the customers but it is the content that catches its mind. The catchy phrases and the knowledge from the content is what the customers remember.

It may seem as an easy task to write the content of any marketing schemes but there are many obstacles in the way. The most common mistakes that we see in any content of the advertisement is the grammar. The small change in the letters might bring a whole different meaning to the word which in term misleads the customer from the real product. There might be these silly mistakes that hold you back but the content brings out the artist in you, the poet hidden within the content writer. The content is what brings out your creativeness and what you really see of the product and the world. This may not be an easy task but creating something out of any ordinary object is amusing.

Here are some of the common grammar mistakes that people usually make and tips on how to improve them.

1) Not Using the Passive Voice at All

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to use the passive voice in some instances. If the object of the sentence is important, the passive voice may be appropriate.

2) Avoiding the Verb ‘To Be’ to Avoid Passive Voice

There’s nothing wrong with using the passive voice in a sentence—as long as it’s used properly. And, in fact, avoiding the verb “to be” just to avoid speaking in a passive voice won’t work because it’s not the only way to form the passive voice. Any sentence where the object acts as the subject uses a passive voice.

3) Mistakenly Using ‘Like’ Instead of ‘As Though’

Although they seem interchangeable when used for comparisons, these actually are not. “Like” should only be used when followed by a noun or pronoun, and “as though” should go before a verbal clause—that is, a clause that contains an action word.

4) Using the Wrong First-Person Pronoun

It’s not always right to use “I” as a first-person pronoun, even though it’s commonly thought of as correct. Only when “I” is the subject of the sentence is it correct to use. The quickest way to figure out if you’re using the right pronoun is by taking the other person out of the sentence to see if it still works.

5) Using Dangling Modifiers

Using a modifier in the wrong spot in a sentence can totally change the meaning of that sentence. Make sure that the clause you’re beginning your sentence with has the same subject as the rest of the sentence.

Content marketing helps to improve conversions because it allows you to connect with and educate your leads and customers. Content may be the most important part of your marketing campaigns. However, when you are writing anything, you are bound to make numerous grammar mistakes. Instead of getting a lot of slack for those silly errors, you will be able to write masterpieces by following the above points and avoiding frequent grammar mistakes.

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