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The outbreak of the coronavirus began in Wuhan and has since spread globally. Many countries are facing major humanitarian, political and economic challenges because of the virus. Businesses are facing a lot of challenges to sustain in the market as there is a massive spread of the virus worldwide. As the coronavirus spreads, working from home is a new reality.

At ads! We started our work from home policy from 23rd March to ensure the health and well-being of our team and clients as a part of social distancing measures. This was our first time working remotely amid the pandemic.
All the works are done digitally, assigning tasks on the Optimus, uploading files in Google Drive, sending approvals in WhatsApp and delivering it to the clients has been an ultimate challenge for us. However, we are making it happen as a team, we have timely meetings on Zoom. We believe that communication is the must for all the businesses especially during these times communication is the key so we encourage everyone at ads to keep updating each other of their work. We are not just limited to work, we even share memes and songs and useful tips that we like in our Workplace group.

Here are few pictures to show our #adsHomeEdition stories

You can check out more how our team are working remotely in our Instagram stories #adsHomeEdition, click here

This pandemic has been a boon for the growing work from home trend. We don’t know what the future holds. We hope to be more productive and make the shift work arrangements in the future as well.

Keep safe.