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Amidst the lockdown, we are working from home to give our best service to our clients.
While we all in quarantine mode to prevent the spread of coronavirus we are also aware of the fact that we as a digital agency play a vital role in the economy when it comes to marketing our client’s businesses and drive whatever possible traction to the brands. Also the challenge for all the brands right now is to maintain its brand position as a socially aware brand as well. At ads! We believe that marketing is not only about selling it’s about building a long term relationship. 

Since, many of our clients are import-based businesses, all the industries are suffering. However looking at the brighter side, Instead of panicking and doing nothing, we are glad that our clients accepted the challenge and approved brand strategies we put forward. 

We are glad that our creative ideas are being well accepted by the audience and has helped brands to be visible amidst the “no business” situation as well. We are mostly focusing on creative ideas in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – and planning to be more relevant to the context in days to come. 

Companies with online selling and delivering capability are in fact more active than before. We are also urging the companies with a more offline approach to “GO DIGITAL”. We are even connecting offline clients with delivery partners to aid in the go digital approach. 


Here are some of the notable activities we did in response to lockdown by working from home: 


  1. We created a group where we share only posts and ideas related to COVID – 19 then we brainstormed which one would be the best for our clients and voila!
  2. We found creative ways to inform and educate the public during the pandemic was a must and a very crucial part for businesses.
  3. Approached clients to build websites to make convert the offline business model into an online approach to drive sales. 
  4. We found creative and interesting ways to market the brands we work with. 


Here are a few notable creatives and campaigns we released in the last two months: 







#GharGharMaGym :

@Healthtrack where all the fitness enthusiasts shared their fitness routine.

Britannia Nepal:

We managed to send goodies to influencers amidst the lockdown.

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There are so much more…so, you can follow the brands that we work with by going into the link:


We feel very proud to be working with the clients we have who always demands the highest level of work from us! It keeps us always on the edge to be performing at the best level.
Team.ads! is dedicated to working hard to make sure all the clients/brands get the best work form us.


Cheers! Keep safe! #StayHome #CarryOn #StayPositive