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TikTok is more than you think !!!


Hey millennials and Gen Z did anyone just talk about TikTok?  Did someone say about coming live? That trending dance and song were so cool and that video was so dope. Did someone see that amazing influencer with new content ideas? TikTok has become the center of the internet’s attention. Now, this platform is bliss for businesses. 


Let’s talk about why TikTok as a platform is bliss for businesses.


TikTok has been an amazing way to reach people and its algorithm for reaching people is also amazing. As per the latest information, nearly 4 billion people are estimated to be users of TikTok – also each year the number of users has been increasing rapidly which makes TikTok media with too many possibilities and opportunities for companies to reach their target demographics. 

From insights provided by TikTok, we can say that 50% of the TikTok users are interested in branded live content. Talking about more facts, 1 in 3 people use TikTok as their go-to platform to connect with brands. 50% of TikTok users have purchased something after watching TikTok live. 

TikTok has become an amazing app to reach out to people around the globe. 
Some of the ways you can use TikTok to promote your businesses are mentioned below. 


  1. Using trending sounds: 

The use of trending sounds is one of the best ways to get in the flow of TikTok and reach the audience. Also if the brand’s TikTok features a song that is popular on the platform, it creates a memory about the brand among users. 68% of users say that they remember the brand better because of the use of trending sounds and 62% of the users say that they are more curious about the brand.


  1. Being authentic : 

We can see that TikTok users are more likely to value if the contents are more original and authentic. They are not into commercial videos, users love it if the videos are raw as they don’t look for perfections. They are more likely to go for entertainment and relatable videos. 


  1. Going live with your brands:

TikTok lives are quite popular among users. Going live with your brand and showcasing your products to consumers is an amazing way to grab the attention of the users. Going live on TikTok helps the brand get connected with the users which further helps them to build trust in the brand. Additionally, it is a great platform to answer consumers’ queries as well. 


  1. Creating branded hashtags challenges: 


One of the best ways to grab the attention of the user is to get the challenges started. It helps the user to get engaged and reach out to more people. It also helps keep track of the audiences engaged in your content. 


  1. Product demos: 

Who doesn’t want to know how the product can be used more efficiently and get its maximum uses? Users tend to see videos that help the user get more knowledge regarding the products. Products demos are one the best ways to get the space for a user to interact and get more information. 


TikTok is the hype in the market. It also gets hold of Gen-Z and all types of users. Brands can come up with the best creative ideas which help the brands to establish themselves in the market. 


So let’s get started! 

Collab with the influencers, go live, be there, and embrace yourselves for all sorts of engagement. Unleash the true potential of your business with TikTok and work the way up the ladder to reach every audience. 


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