Success Story


The home appliance company optimised its digital reach for offline/online campaigns through social media marketing and brought more awareness to their brand.

Their Story

Making Lives Better with Complete Home Solutions

A home appliance company, Yasuda created a reputation of providing home appliances that are not only affordable but durable as well. It is one of the leading Home Appliance Brands in Nepal as it has a whole range of products.

Their Goal

Engaging & Entertaining People Everywhere

With campaigns like Yasuda’s Griha Prabesh and नयाँ बर्षको शुभारम्भ, we could see that Yasuda had a great presence in the Nepali market. By distributing free LED light bulbs and leaflets in both separate events, Yasuda was able to create an impression. Those impressions lead to their photos participation being uploaded to Facebook. For the नयाँ बर्षको शुभारम्भ campaign, Yasuda promoters went from the Mechi to Mahakali zones. It was for the activation on offline methods which was also executed online through Facebook posting.

” ads! brought high level of creativity, effective strategy and skills on the table that helped Yasuda build a digital brand. We had a good cooperation and understanding which helped us conduct online campaigns as well as digitize our offline campaigns like Griha Pravesh. The results showcased the efforts that hardworking team had put in. To be honest, I would recommend ads! if anyone else is looking for digital marketers who are actually familiar with the marketing platforms. “

Sanjog Mishra, Brand Manager

Their Solution

Creating Social Media Content To Relate With Users

At the beginning, Ads Market was only a bystander in the online promotion for Yasuda’s offline campaigns as social media was as a tool to announce to users what was happening in the Yasuda World. Gradually, Yasuda online presence started establishing when regular posts on timely basis were done through picture posts about Yasuda products. Unique online campaigns were also executed so that we could reach out more to users on social media platforms.

Products Used

Social Media Promotions

Able to reach a broader spectrum of active audience online

Facebook Videos

Captivate and capture attention with emotional and powerful message

Identifying Audiences

Reading the correct audience for success of all campaigns digitally


Measuring Insights to plan campaigns for better engagement

Their Success


In retrospect, with proper advertising tactics, awareness of campaigns can only achieve success which can help the brand move forward. By working with Yasuda, Ads Market was to achieve an overall 30 K+ likes on Facebook through social media and other digital marketing platforms.

30 K + LIKES

Overall increment with Ads Market


Online posting was done for the activation of Yasuda’s Griha Prabesh campaign. We did so by creating an Album dedicated to the campaign and uploaded photos of the participants. During this campaign, we went door to door so as to surprise everyone with a free Yasuda LED light bulb as well. Once the photo was uploaded, they had to collect the most number of Likes to win. At the end, we announced Mr. Bheshraj Paudel as the winner for the contest where he won a 43” Yasuda LED TV.

Online Photos Promotion

Likes Engagement Competition

Album Creation

VALENTINE’S CAMPAIGN (गर्छ अनौठो मायालाई सम्मान !)

This was a valentine day campaign to exhibit the power and meaning of Love despite any social barrier a couple might have to face. It was done as an awareness campaign for the unique type of love that should be respected all over the nation. Through social media promotions, the video was viewed at an astounding amount of 55,762 minutes. The performance was also incredible with a reach of 543,680 people and a total of 3,156 reactions, comments & Shares.


Total Minutes Viewed


People Reached


Reactions, Comments & Shares


This was a video campaign to signify the strength that women displayed in all areas of their lives despite the challenges they had to face. In the video, several personalities were highlighted to convey that women shouldn’t limit themselves in what they do and just believe in themselves. With Facebook promotions, the video reached a tremendous amount of 1,029,780 people and was viewed a total of 219,968 minutes. We also were able to gather 19,125 reactions, comments & Shares.


Total Minutes Viewed


People Reached


Reactions, Comments & Shares

NEW YEAR CAMPAIGN (नयाँ बर्षको शुभारम्भ)

For the Nepali New Year – the नयाँ बर्षको शुभारम्भ campaign was an activation campaign in Yasuda dealership districts that extended from the Mechi to Mahakhali districts in Nepal. They did so by setting up a canopy and set on announcing about Yasuda and how they could participate in the contest. It was executed to build on engagement for users all over Nepal once they knew how to take part. The total of 16 K reactions, comments & Shares on the post helped get more word about it on the Facebook platform.

16 K

Reactions, Comments & Shares