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“You might have hundreds or even thousands of ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Page, but if no one sees your content, how valuable are they to your business?”

When you post content on your Facebook Page you want to do everything in your power to ensure that that content is seen by the largest number of users possible. 

In order to achieve this we first need to understand how Facebook determines which content to show in a user’s news feed. The answer is an algorithm called Edge Rank.

     What is Edge Rank?      

Edge Rank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what content shows up in a user’s news feed. 

It’s not a random coincidence that you see content from the brands you’re most interested in. Facebook is aware how often you’re viewing their Page and engaging with their content.

    Simplified! :    

Edge Rank is made up of two elements; Objects and Edges.

The Object is the actual content (status update, photo, video etc). 

An Edge is the engagement with the object. So whenever a user comments, likes or shares your content, Facebook sees that as an Edge.

Now, Edge is made of 1. Affinity 2. Weight 3. Time Decay


  1.  The relationship between the Object creator and the user who is viewing the Object. This is a one way factor only.
  2. The weight of the edge; comment, like, share, etc. The larger the user engagement the more weight that Edge will carry.
  3. The age of the Edge itself. This is nice and easy, the older the user engagement the less value it carries

As we already know, affinity is one-way only, meaning that you cannot directly manipulate the affinity users have with your Facebook Page. Therefore it is essential that you create content that entices your fans to engage with your Page in order to keep their affinity with your Facebook Page as high as possible at all times. Otherwise you will risk your content receiving much less visibility in your fans news feeds, ultimately resulting in less engagement

                                                      Tips to Keep your Affinity High                                                  

  1. Stop using third-party tools to update your Facebook Page – this can result in less user engagement
  2. Don’t post throwaway comments to fill in the gaps – each post should have value if you want it to engage 
  3. Make the most of rich media – Rich media carries more weight than text based status updates. Give with your audience. Users interesting photos and videos to increase the opportunity for engagement. 

                                           At ads!                                             

Through our Professional Page Management Service (PPM), clients have been able to maintain a high engagement on their Facebook pages. We keep in mind the edge rank algorithm while creating contents for our clients. 

For all the companies that we provide our page management service we make sure that we provide an edge! 

At ads! we measure you all aspects of digital marketing, particularly within the social media environment.

We Create content that will encourage user engagement, Experiment with the types of content you share.Test the time and frequency of posts to maximize engagement even better to maximize genuine engagement.