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People generally fail to plan but not plan to fail..isn’t it? At ads! We plan to make sure that we are creating the best social media strategy for our clients. These are the 6 steps that we use to ensure that you are in path of creating a winning social media strategy:

1) Choose the Right Networks

Ask yourself these questions with these major networks in mind:

  1. Which type of content do you already produce?
  2. Where is your audience?
  3. Where are your competitors?
  4. What’s the uniqueness of the network and can you leverage it?

Consider facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin, snapchat or viber.

2) Clarify Goals

The obvious business goal is to get new customers and engage existing ones, but how to achieve this? Take time to discuss these goals with your team or your digital agency, and write them down to get a picture of where you are and where you want to be. These factors are critical to consider when planning a content strategy.

For example If your objective is to use social media for customer care, then your content should amplify that message.

3) Develop a Content Strategy

Allow your team brainstorming sessions Or hire a Digital Marketing Agency like ads! to generate new ideas and research best-practices. Don’t forget to make a social communication calendar that includes important dates, holidays, and a publishing schedule.

Consider the questions below when developing these:

  1. What’s your tone of voice? Discuss brand values and define a handful of adjectives to describe your voice how will it be communicated through your content?
  2. Where will you source content? Created in-house, By Digital Marketing Agency or purchase images how often will you post & when?

4) Managing Profiles

Maybe someone in the company hastily created a Twitter profile and the account has gone idle. Create a simple social media master document and log basic details such as: profile URL, login details, who has access, date created etc. This limits surprises and ensures you have control over your social domains.

5) Cross Channel Integration

Don’t forget to tell people you’re active on social media. Begin to integrate social with other marketing channels such as the website itself, email footers, social extensions on PPC, commercials, print ads, etc.

6) Analyze Performance

It’s important to understand your competitors’ social media performance, as well as yours. Create a list of your immediate competitors and see what they’re doing on social. Competitive analytics will be crucial moving forward, as you consistently benchmark your success, stay on top of industry trends and seek inspiration.