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A startup business requires a lot of intricate planning of finances, taxes, marketing etc. However, one area that most startup companies fail to plan for is a successful website. One of the good things about the modern times is that people are becoming aware of the importance of websites for their company but they fail to come up with a worthy website. Website is the prime exposure tool for a company to their customers especially due to the easy access of internet. People can access the World Wide Web anytime, anywhere and the greatest thing for a startup could be their website alone.

You need to ensure that your website stands out among millions. Usually owners build a website and forget about it. You need to feed your pet, take your automobile outside and put gas in it and similarly a successful website needs maintenance and updates time to time. This is how you get the best from your website.

Following are tips that can help you get the best from your website:

  • 1) Clean and Simple: Your website is neither Wikipedia nor an Encyclopedia. Make your website simple and easy to use. Navigation should be easy. Use readable fonts and the information can be added later gradually throughout your website.
  • 2) Updated Information: Internet gives us access to the up to date information. Make sure your site is updated at least yearly. People normally don’t get captivated by sites dating back a few years. World Wide Web is a field where old is definitely not gold.
  • 3) Basic SEO: Did you know that the sites displayed on the first page of Google search is because these sites meet the Google’s requirements of the “Perfect Page”. Basic SEO includes a good title for your pages, a single “H1” tag header, make sure it says something about the site and descriptions for all your images. Traffic through search engines like Google, Bing etc. ensures your site is exposed to the mass and it comes without having to spend.
  • 4) Expressive Content: The content you use in your website plays a vital role. Make sure that anyone visiting your website is able to figure out what problem will your product solve for them. As mentioned above, it should be written in simple language. Your site is not there to be graded by a professor, it should let potential customers know about the product you are offering.
  • 5) Call to Action: A developer’s term for a shiny button. Use these to make visitors perform actions that you want them to perform. These shiny buttons help visitors get more information, download something, look at something and much more.

At ads! Developers, we believe that a successful website is an extension of a successful organization. We ensure that all our clients are provided with a website worthy of the effort they put in their firm. Dial 01.4218069 to help us build you a website worthy of your hard work.