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A good digital marketing strategy has various aspects taken into consideration. The 5S strategy developed by Chaffey and Smith (2000) provides a framework for effective internet marketing strategy you can use to attract and retain your customers. Below are the 5s of digital marketing strategy to help your business.

1. Sell

The ultimate goal of any organization is to gain profit and the source of profit is from sales of the product/service. Going digital means taking your products and services online as well. Build a strategy with detailed plans on how you are going to sell your products online. A digital marketing strategy to support online sales can increase the total volume of sales, as the leads generated from online presence will turn into potential customers, who will turn into actual customers, whom you will be serving and retaining.

2. Serve

As the popular saying goes, “Customers are king”, it is important how you serve your customers online. You cannot serve all the people present online, so firstly recognize your customers, then move towards serving them properly. Make your customers feel valued by giving them better service at the pre-sale, sale and post-sale phases. Be present and responsive to your customers at all times. Improve your level of service with maximum utilization of the internet.

3. Speak

The best customer service comes from understanding your customers well. Listen to your customers carefully, understand exactly what they are searching for and talk to them. Get to know them so you can convey your message well. Make communication a major part of your strategy, not only for customers but also for your suppliers. Understanding their interests, attitudes, and behavior will allow you to give better responses. It will help you get closer and build a strong relationship with your customers.

4. Save

Working digitally helps you save money, time and effort. The physical and operating costs will automatically be reduced when you are moving digitally. Instant responses and improved communication save you time and effort to do everything manually. Use the internet as a cost reduction tool.

5. Sizzle

Business is not simply about buying and selling your products and services. Everything that happens in business adds to its brand value. You should not forget to build your brand while operating. Your strategy should also include how you will be promoting yourself as a brand. Build trust, recognition, relationship and enhance your brand.

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