A lot of Companies & Brands are rolling up their sleeves and starting to put more of a focus on their presence online than ever before and people are starting to take notice!

While the notion of Digital Marketing may have its charm and allure in some ways, in essence it is not that different from your regular run-of-the-mill textbook marketing. You have a product/service that you need to sell, and are looking for ways to build and monetize your customer base, which paves the way for brand building & awareness and eventually leading to sales.


However, a career in Digital Marketing may force you to reconsider otherwise, which may include: Long Work Hours, Tight Deadlines/Restrictions and to even some extent the client themselves.


If you can put up with and thrive in spite of those imperfections, then here are some excellent reasons for you to start your career in Digital Marketing Today:

  1. Skill Gap: Now is the perfect time to develop the relevant soft skills and make yourself stand out from the crowd by presenting yourself as a guide/expert who can navigate companies by giving them the right direction to improve and increase their online presence.

  2. Always Evolving: You never know what “the next big thing” is or where it can come from. Likewise, the evolution of Digital Marketing from its inception has taken a whole new form and a life of itself. Digital Marketing entering the new decade requires more time, thought and effort (with purpose) to get the right message across. This can be done through meticulous content planning and curation or by a simple viral video. The options are endless and so are the results.
  3. Flex your Creative Muscle: Speaking of viral videos, the art of being viral is sprinkled with bucket loads of creativity which can be found in abundance once you choose to enter the Digital Marketing industry. The industry is built on and thrives off of creativity and can be your outlet to unleash your potential to promote products/service in a way considered less than usual.
  4. Many Opportunities for Collaboration: A career in Digital Marketing requires constant collaboration whether you’re a complete beginner or even if you’re a seasoned professional. The beauty lies of collaboration lies in its ability to bring two or more different people or entities and create something which is greater than what they could’ve accomplished on their own.
  5. Digital Marketing is the Future!: Almost everyone today has a device with them which they are constantly engaged with via the magic of the Internet which presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers and advertisers to showcase products/services by companies looking to tap into the unmonetized consumer base. Like the paper advertisements revolutionized the way we perceive the art of selling, now the selling will still take place but in a more digital setting.

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