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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the world in ways that people could have never imagine forcing them to reconsider a wide variety of practices, affecting one’s everyday life, freedom, and especially work.

Zoom Calls and Google Meets have replaced busy offices, while office spaces themselves have shifted to the comfort of either the home office or one’s bedroom.

Despite such comforts, working from home will challenge your mental health. It can eventually turn even the best and productive people into a tired, demotivated shell of themselves.

How can you avoid that? Why not try these activities listed below to encourage overcoming mental health issues and fatigue:

Take a Break from Work: Set aside some time to rest, get away from the laptop and give yourself some much-needed rest. Focus on your hobbies, self-care, and anything else that can make you have a few minutes for yourself every day.

Get Up and Move: At home, you are most likely glued at your desk trying your best to concentrate and complete your work. You anticipate the wave of laziness and demotivation starting to hit, what do you do? Simple. You Get Up and Move! Make a habit of at least exercising or doing yoga for 30 minutes a day to freshen the senses. Even a small walk to the balcony for some fresh air can do wonders for the mind.

Stay Connected: Working from home means working solo most if not all the time. You are not with your team making even the smallest issue seem more than it is in actuality. Little moments of human interactions are what make working bearable. So take the initiative in organizing meetings and calls to your co-workers or close friends to foster a positive vibe for all because let’s face it staying connected with others will help to reduce stress, help you feel less isolated, and keep you productive!

Try a Digital Detox: Technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected, but the downside to that is not knowing when to switch off, separating work life from the personal one. But why not choose to stay away from technology altogether? Voluntarily refrain from using any technology at certain times of the day. Maybe “family time” can be a bonding time for you to come closer as a family. Your time alone can be better spent reading a book or engaging in a hobby without any sign of technology.

Be Productive: Take this time to be productive in other fields except for work. Actively engage in learning through an online course, learn a new skill that can benefit you in work. Also, take time to finish any incomplete work that you may have left due to work. Engaging ourselves in different activities can reduce stress and help our minds foster positivity.

Here at ads! we make sure that we work closely and are staying connected. Our team is always finding ways to stay connected to each other and share their thoughts, which are welcomed with open minds and ears to help reduce stress and monotony in work.

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