“ Having moderated four different sessions in ads!club with amazing speakers and industry experts has been truly fulfilling for me. And today I write this with gratitude marking the 30 days completing of ads!club and I believe it’s not just a 30 days completion of the club, but 30 amazing days of planning, brainstorming, learning, growing and inspiring people”

Ads!Club, an club house initiative of Ads Market Pvt. Ltd, started with its first session on June 5th with a mission to ignite discussions around digital marketing and advertising industry in Nepal. Hosting rooms every Saturday 6 pm to 8 pm, bringing in industry experts and professionals, we have been inspiring people to join the advertising industry and motivating them to grow in the world of advertising.

From the day of its establishment, the club has successfully hosted four sessions highlighting the work environment of Advertising and digital marketing agency, the relationship between the Clients and Agency, the various job opportunities individuals can set their foot on in advertising industry and also showcasing the world of freelancing unfiltered. Every club house session, more than half century of youths who are working or seeking to work in the world of Digital Marketing and Advertising, joins in to listen and share their thoughts.

We believe with every club house session we are getting closer to reaching our goals to influence people to show how beautiful as well as fulfilling the industry is. We say this with the number of applicants we are receiving in our Creative Circle platform, which is a platform to connect brands with freelancers, and also with the number of messages we are getting in our Facebook as well as Instagram pages. Ads! Club has gained its momentum and there is only moving forward now. The plan is to bring in more industry specialist and experts and connect them with aspiring individuals who see their growth in the field of advertising and marketing. The session usually concludes with taking questions and this is how we believe we are making people more clear on their paths they have taken to contribute in this industry.

There are more amazing sessions you can definitely look forward to. If you want to elevate and kick start the career in marketing and advertisement, we will be there on club house every Saturday from 6pm to 8pm. Do join us and follow ads!club in Club house.