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Tips on maintaining Immortality in Content

Everything runs very quick on the internet and content is no exception. 

Content creation from the outside looking in seems easy but that’s certainly not the case. 

You need to try different approaches and avenues to make your content stand out from the pack while incorporating content guidelines, target audience developing an evergreen content style and brand identity while identifying and solving problems for customers through your content.

Evergreen content is the goal for every content creator. Content that doesn’t go out of date and revolve around a topic that’s always relevant. 

Some good examples can be found on Wikipedia and IMDb. Such pages have built their audiences on content that remains evergreen, up-to-date, and relevant over a while.

Here are some tips and tricks for writing evergreen content.

  1. Choose the Right Topics: While content creation is the end goal, choosing the right content is half the battle for most content creators. You must be in the know of all trending and evergreen topics which spark intrigue in the mind of the reader. Identify topics that will stay relevant over the long term, compare different ways they are represented and add your own spin to add value for your readers.
  2. Use the Right Keywords: Good content engages and educates readers, using the right keywords can play a vital role in that regard. Run by various relevant keywords for SEO that attract the most traffic and the highest search ranking.
  3. Make it Unique: Never rush when creating content, it shows on your work later on. Research the topic well and add your own insights to bring the content matter to life, a fresh perspective on a generally timeless topic. The goal here is for your audience doesn’t to need no other consultants or other sources to find more information about the topic you wrote.
  4. Exploit Emotions: To spark any form of intrigue your content should resonate with your audience and make them feel something. Timeless content always seems to exploit emotions in one form or another. Tropes such as – Good vs Bad, Family dynamics or situations from everyday life are a good starting point to draw inspiration for your content.
  5. Revise, Revise, Revise: Before creating anything content ask yourself this, “Why would someone choose your content over others?” If your content feels bland, chances are it is. Hence, always go back and revise your content till the point you’re happy and then re-revise the same.
    If you can maintain Quality, Uniqueness, and Authority in your content, your chances of maintaining high desirability are higher.
  6. Repurpose Your Content: Final tip! Once you’ve got a great piece of content, it’s time to repurpose it with your audiences as much as possible. Re-use, repost and promote your great ideas in various formats. Share it on social media, and consider adding fresh hashtags to increase exposure.

Always remember, Content is King! The only limitations to your content creating skills are the ones you set for yourself. However, don’t just dive in for the sake of it though. Do your due diligence in identifying the topics that matter to your audience, and put a fresh spin. Take notes from your personal experience and explore the world around you.