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Interactive marketing: for growing your audience.


A significant change can be seen in the way we think about digital marketing trends. One of the reasons is the customer’s high expectation of the brand. A huge part of modern-day communication is interacting with your customers and understanding their expectations.

Thanks to the core beauty of digital marketing, the unidirectional flow of messages has flourished into a two-way marketing approach commonly known as interactive marketing. As personalization has become a priority, the practice of interactive marketing has become more prolific now.

So what exactly is interactive marketing?

Also known as event-driven or trigger-based marketing, interactive marketing is a two-way approach, two-way communication between the customers and the company. The main motive of this marketing technique is to create interaction and collaboration to understand the customer’s views, choices, preferences, and perspectives. Each interactive post gives you the opportunity to understand your customers and to do better.

The goal here is to avoid the unidirectional flow of messages and create a group activity with your customers through a proper understanding of their needs and interest.

You may be familiar with many types of interactive marketing strategies which you can implement to grow the audience of your business.Some of these are Contests & giveaways, Quizzes, Interactive videos, Interactive polls & Surveys, Personalized content, Countdowns, and more. The whole purpose of these strategies is to create more engagement through customer interaction.

Consider yourself as a normal user browsing through the internet, what would capture your attention? A normal post that businesses put out on the internet or a post that includes contests and giveaways? Of course, you will pick the one that includes an interaction to a certain degree. This is the beauty of interactive marketing.

The key to making this marketing strategy work for your business is to understand your customer’s preferences and to do so, you need to put ideas out there and analyze which one works for your targeted audiences. Once you have understood the basics it helps boosts your brand substantially.

Wonder why you should implement this marketing strategy? Here, are a few benefits of Interactive Marketing.

1.       Brand awareness

A very effective way to create brand awareness for your business is through consistent interaction with your customers. If your customer does not even know what your business is then how can you grow your brand? The more aware customers are of your brand the more potential customers for your business.

2.       Increase in sales

The more people are aware of your brand and the value your brand creates, the more potential customers which helps boost your sales.  


3.       Engagement with customers

Engaging with your customers creates an emotional attachment. Businesses tend to grow with loyal customers and the basis to create it is to build customer trust and support through engagement.


4.       Constructive Feedback

Feedback is the main tool that you have to use to grow your business. Constructive feedback from the customers helps you know the weaknesses of your business to act on them.


5.       Overall growth of the brand

The more engagement you have with your customers, the more loyal customers you gain. A strong customer base eventually helps with the overall growth of the brand.


So, what is your view on implementing interactive marketing to grow your business’s audience?