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It’s the battle of the billionaires after Elon Musk recently challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a potential cage match, and Zuckerberg agreed. The two have yet to physically face-off, but the source of their dispute Zuckerberg’s company Meta—is now entering the ring to take on Twitter. Announcing the launch of a direct competitor, “Threads” the app which appears to emphasize public conversations much like Twitter, already showing up in Apple’s App Store for users to download and gaining high attention due to its Instagram larger user base. The number of users on Instagram worldwide is 2 billion, compared to some 300 million on Twitter, and buzz is building on social media. Threads launching amidst an earthquake at Twitter since Elon Musk bought the platform last year, he has changed the verification process, charging eight dollars for a blue check-mark overhaul, and the layout that determines what tweets users see just a day ago imposes limits on how many Twitter users can read per day. Musk, for his part, is not modulating his controversial takes. It’s caused many users and advertisers to flee the site, triggering a flock of new challengers, scrambling to offer an alternative like Blue Sky and Mastodon and new social media platform Spill, aiming to serve diverse communities with number four in the free App Store recently. But users on all those platforms remain relatively few and now Meta is entering the fray.
Musk has left an opening in the social media landscape, and Meta – Mark Zuckerberg always likes an opening.
Now a lot of people will be open to some alternatives.
Have you tried Threads?