Page Management at ads!

Creative contents at ads! has proved to be engaging, lively and one of the key factors to drive sales and creation of brand awareness to our long list of satisfied clients.

Content Management

Whether you’re a marketing manager for a large organization or an entrepreneur looking to build your business, social networks offer great potential for expanding your influence and generating new leads. The challenge? Keeping your social media outposts filled with relevant, useful content takes time — and plenty of it. To keep your social media content flowing, we offer top tools that can help you organize your efforts, increase your productivity, and demonstrate measurable results.Most marketers struggle to get engagement on social media. Publishing more posts is NOT the solution. At ads!,we publish the RIGHT KIND of posts! Every industry (including yours) has content that is proven to increase engagement.You just need to FIND this proven content and POST it.

ads! helps you do both!


At ads! , through page management service we make your Facebook page come alive by:


Quality Contents

Daily Quality Posts to promote the brand’s name, products and keep the page lively and interactive. Our dedicated work force research on the relevant posts that is relevant to your market segment.

Query Handeling

At ads! we respond to user queries which will also serve as an online customer care service. There are times when negative issues take place and at ads! we solve every issue in a sensitive and tactical manner without causing any harm to the brand.



Engaging Contests

At ads! we regularly generate quiz, fun facts, jokes and fun contests as required to create a hype and brand loyalty. It is our marketing strategy that directly engages people and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand. At ads! we believe that consumers should be actively involved in the production and co-creation of marketing programs, developing a relationship with the brand.


Our digital marketing reports are a collection of charts, data sets, and recaps from the previous weeks or months. At ads! we provide a brief progress report primarily mentioning the task completed and response received after completion of every term. At ads! you get accurate, real-time data from every corner of your business, so you can set benchmarks, watch progress, and exceed expectations. We also provide KPI report (Key Performance Indicator) after every 3 months of duration so that we have achievable target at the end and we show how it can be done!




Photoshoot is done if required to capture ambience, testimonials and content for the daily postings. Daily activities keeps people up-to date about the page and engaging with the page.