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It doesn’t Matter if your company is a B2B or B2C Company getting your business to social front is just a click away. Today getting your brand recognized is not that difficult as it may have seemed few years back. Gradually as it may seem social media marketing is perhaps the way of the future for any business. Your company might be a MNC or may be a small store across the corner, everyone is bidding for display. As nostalgic as it may seem even a store across the corner might be getting more followers and likes on social media per week then an MNC. Isnt this amazing ?

Social Media has changed the way we live, changed the way we talk, certainly changed the way we search for information. Human Mind is simply amazing.. its continuously looking for new things to learn, know and use and perhaps new things to “LIKE” I might say. So That’s why we are always on social media.

In context of Nepal, we are always on facebook.. aren’t we..? I sometimes wonder why we are so addicted to facebook.. ? But when I look closely I found something.. Our mind works in such a way that we always end up looking for something interesting and something that we like and facebook is the only place where we can find almost all the things we like :

1. Our friends who we love.

2. Their Pictures

3. All the brands we use or hope to use

4. All the places that weve have been to or want to go.. Isn’t that life ? So as it gives every element that we love or can ever think of liking, its already there..
But now the point is how do we get our business liked by these people.
For the purposes of this article I shall particularly focus on facebook . But we can of course relate it with other social sites as well… Now, these are some of the steps that you need to understand before you take your business, social.

Step 1 : Know your customer

First task is to know your customers weather they exist on facebook or other SNS. If yes then we move on to next step.

Step 2 : Be Clear of your objective

Most of the time I find clients looking for likes and then expecting the sales to grow. But one thing that we all need to be clear on is that getting likes and sales growth is not that co related as it may seem. Certainly if a company has many likes it certainly shows that it is a popular perhaps a trusted company but to increase the sales company has to come up with sales related campaign or perhaps portray its advertisement in such ways.
So, If the whole objective of social media presence is brand recognition then it has to reflect on your :
a. Profile : Should be your logo

  1. About : Should contain your company history and milestones
  2. Timeline cover : Branding advertisement would be preferred
  3. Posts: Focused on getting brand image on top of the mind

But in the due course you cant expect your sales to show drastic movements.

Perhaps a sales campaign can help. It should reflect on Your:

  1. Profile Picture : Include an offer or portray your main feature on your Like; Best Brand of Nepal. Or 10% Discount Offer etc.
  2. About us : About us is your key to SMO. So use as many key words as possible.
    Graph search on facebook, Even Bing and Google Searches for the About us key words.
  3. Timeline cover: Should be focused on Sales Like : SUMMER SALES at City Center!
  4. Posts : Focused on getting the offers and features that attract for sales on top of the mind of people.

Step 3: After getting your priorities straight then we can move on with Social Campaigns, Social Engagement Development. It all depends upon how engaging the contents are on your social media. It totally depends upon your companies popularity that is again related to the people who have actually used your product or has actually taken service form your company.
People on social media rely mostly on recommendation.For example if lets say I ate chicken dragon at a restaurant lets say chopstix and it was really good. And then I write a status with a picture : “ That’s it My favourite dish form now is chicken dragon” Feeling Delighted at Chopstix restaurant with ashish bhandari, Saroj Shrestha and bipashi Tuladhar.

Look at the Content that I created for the restaurant . I am not marketing the restaurant but look how I recommend having chicken dragon at chopstix restaurant. I not only say it is the best but also tag my friends who were with me and not only that I can show my feeling as well. Isnt that the reason facebook is for ;; Expressing what we like.
So had there not been page of chopstix restaurant I would be creating a new page automatically which the restaurant would never know of. On the other hand if the restaurant owner has a facebook page for chopstix restaurant then that particular status would be a great content for his facebook page. Next he would be getting the same order if my friends visit there its most likely because I just wrote it it’s the best so, my food enthusiast friends would love to go there. So as a restaurant manager  S/he can know who are the customers and then can interact straight with them and call them up giving some extra perks for visiting or special invitation with complimentary drink for that matter.

Today this is what social media marketing means Interacting with your customers. So as a business owner always try to give good service from your end to the customer. This is the 3rd and main step. This counts for customer satisfaction which eventually rolls over as likes on your facebook page and automatically people will start to create content about your business. SO DON’T LEAVE YOUR CUSTOMER DISSATISFIED BECAUSE ONE SATISFIED CUSTOMER IS EQUAL TO MINIMUM 10 Likes.

Probably B2B business are thinking is it usefull for us ? Well from where I see,  Facebook remains one of the largest potential audiences, even in the B2B settings. As of this year there are over 800 million active users, each with on average 150 friends, half of these people log in every day making it is difficult to argue with the numbers. Nepal alone has over 5 million facebook users. With so many people using Facebook regularly, It is a fair assumption that at some point, the B2B sales manager people you are targeting will interact, in time.

However using Facebook for marketing, be it B2C or B2B is reliant on one factor. This factor is the content you produce. Content is your currency on Facebook, your means of engaging with leads, of nurturing relationships and improving brand awareness. Compelling, interesting, engaging, accurate, amusing and relevant content is imperative across all social media, but to be shared across the highly social landscape that is Facebook, these attributes are all important.

Step 4: Finally after getting as many likes form your personal network slowly when your growth of social interaction declines we use facebook paid advertisement option to increase visibility. Promoting posts and creating ads for specific audiences helps you reach more of the people who matter most to your business. you can invest a little bit of money to make sure your message reaches all of the right people on Facebook. Building your brand on Facebook means more than just connecting with people who already like your Page. Perhaps more importantly, you need to reach the people who don’t already know about your business. Through advertising, you can reach out to people who are likely to be excited about what you offer!

If you want help with this then you can contact Digital Marketing Agencies like us, to help you with your social media marketing needs. I can understand that everyone cannot be a marketer, some are born for finance some for operations some of them might even think that this computer marketing is a fuss.
But believe me when I tell you that facebook users in Nepal has doubled in less than a year and still growing. So if you don’t start your page today, its just a matter of time that you might be the last mover… And you know what?  “last mover doesn’t have advantage…”

At ads! we help you understand your marketing goals and articulate and implement strategies to achieve significant results. Do let us know if you feel that we are the right agency for your company!