The age old debate of a “stable career” has been handed down from generation to generation. Traditionally careers in medicine, engineering, law and banking are always considered “the best” and endorsed blindly by most people while careers in the fine arts, music or anything off the regular career path is simply put down as a hobby or “a phase”. Exploring one’s creativity has always been a no-no according to society.

Why sow in an already over farmed land when you harvest from new pastures! Such is the case with the emergence of Digital Marketing and its variety of scopes in terms of careers and opportunities.

Digital Marketing includes the variety of choice or the fields you can actually work in. Have a look at these options below:

  1. Audio/Video Production: The skill of Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Colour Correction, Animation and Sound Engineering fall under this. With companies looking for a more professional and polished portrayal of their presence in the online space, the opportunities and demand for Audio/Video Professionals to portray a brand with their skills has never been greater.

  2. Social Media Management: Almost everyone you know is on social media. From one’s personal account to business account & pages. We nowadays share creative ideas, information and try to connect with people from around the world with our thoughts. Social media management plays crucial role in monetizing your content to convert your audience into paying customers.

  3. E-Commerce: More people today are more looking forward to online shop to buy or sell their products which in turn has been a great asset for Digital Marketing firms. Content generation and curation coupled with the appropriate marketing strategies can make for a compelling E-Commerce business.

  4. Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a tool which helps a business connect with its customers to promote its brand and hype up upcoming sales and offer campaigns to be more specific at the most cost effective way of doing so.

  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The art and science of persuading search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to suggest your content to their users is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can act as an excellent solution to bring new customers to your business. People search for a product/service and it you happen to sell that very same thing then Search Engines present your website, page or link as their top recommendation.

  6. Content Management: Content is king when it comes to Digital Marketing. The process for collection, delivery, retrieval and overall management of information in any format is crucial to maintain a brand or company’s image and maintain a sense of consistency. The content material can be images, video, audio, text and multimedia while the time period is generally used in reference to management of the digital content material lifecycle, from creation to everlasting storage and/or deletion.

  7. Copywriting: If you have a knack for writing then this is the job for you. Writing with the intention to make a sale is the essence and purpose of copywriting which can prove to be a valuable asset if your skills are put to good use. Copywriting not only helps to increase brand awareness and also helps brands connect with consumers on a personal level and other businesses as well.

  8. Business and Marketing Strategy: Developing a brand’s identity and approach from the ground up can seem intimidating but nonetheless a welcome challenge. An overall business and marketing strategy consists of analysing a business’ potential for achieving new customers and turning them into clients of their merchandise or services. An advertising strategy includes the company’s cost proposition, key company messaging, data on goal client demographics, and other high-level elements. Both can be applied in sync to achieve a solid strategy for customer acquisition and growth.

  9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is one of the most tremendous ways to develop your enterprise in an increasingly aggressive marketplace. With millions of companies out there all looking to be seen, it’s never been more necessary to promote online, and search engine advertising is the most effective way to promote and develop your business.

  10. Web Design: Web design has become a common platform for your brand to be known to different digital platforms. Customers are more likely to check out your website than your social media and decide for themselves if your product/service is worth investing in. A great landing page of your website can bring in a pool of eager and paying new customers.

  11. Graphics Design: No matter how good the idea, content and the intention is, if the design doesn’t match the vibe of the whole brand then the whole effort has gone to waste. Graphics Designers are the one who bring ideas to life with their careful arrangement and manipulation of image, colour and form to bring out the true intention in a creative form.


Looking at these scope we can definitely make an argument for digital marketing having a huge scope in terms of career options. Let’s break out of this stereotypical way of thinking and explore the various career options with your skills & creativity while taking the opportunity to learn, explore and grow.